Barbourville city officials make an effort to care for elderly during the cold

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - The City of Barbourville launched a new program that will ensure their elderly community is safe when temperatures fall below freezing again.

Mayor David Thompson says anyone who is concerned for their safety can call City Hall and have their name added to the list.

"Some people have other people to check on them," Mayor Thompson said. "Some people have nobody, so this may be something great. It may not even be needed. If it's not needed then that's good too."

City officials plan to call and check-in on every person who requests assistance on dangerously cold days. If no one answers and family and friends cannot be contacted, they will proceed to drive by the home in case of an emergency.

"I really do think we will have several sign up on it," Thompson said. "It's as simple as just calling ... a one-minute phone call of 'How's things this morning? Everything good? Weather's bad, we will talk to you tomorrow if it still bad.'"

Officials intend to only take names of people within city limits but those who live in the county can still call City Hall. They will then be directed to another channel who can assist them further.

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