Barbourville administrators call off school after excessive number of absences from illness

BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Barbourville City Schools are closed the rest of the week after students and staff battle with sickness.

"We've had a couple viral illnesses as well as some bronchitis and strep throat and sinus infection. So it's a little bit of everything," says Barbourville City Schools Principal, Paul Middleton.

The array of illness within the schools has caused janitors and staff alike to take extra steps to disinfect their school.

"They're going into classrooms, individual desks. Anything their hands are going to come into contact with, with their hands," says Middleton.

He says this is abnormal for the staff and students both, with a pretty solid average attendance rate.

"Normally we run about ninety-three percent on our A.D.A., our average daily attendance. The last couple of weeks we've been in the low eighties," Middleton says.

He says this is the lowest attendance rates he has seen in his 25 years at the school.

The sickness and weather combined have caused several issues for students and staff in the last few weeks. But administrators hope that by calling school off for a couple more days will give time for everyone to recover. Saying, it will be especially hard to get rid of the airborne viruses.

"We want to get back, we want to get back at it, we want to get our kids well. Get our attendance back up where it needs to be," says Middleton.

Barbourville City Schools will be using their 3rd and 4th NTI days and will be off of school Thursday and Friday.

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