Baptist Health Corbin and mCORE Foundation provide heart screenings for student athletes

CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - Baptist Health Corbin and the mCORE Foundation recently screened Corbin Independent student-athletes for underlying heart conditions.

Baptist Health staff say sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA, is the leading cause of death in student-athletes each year.

The American Heart Association reports that 1 in 100 kids have an underlying heart condition they are not aware of. Signs that a kid may have heart conditions are fainting or looking pale.

Physicians say it is not to be confused with heart disease.

"Heart disease is more like having a problem with the plumbing in the vessels of the heart. With sudden cardiac arrest, most of the time people don't have any idea that they're at risk for this," said Tracy Bruck, Baptist Health Corbin Chest Pain Center Coordinator.

Bruck also had a 22-year-old cousin who died of SCA, which made her want to push this opportunity even more in her community.

"His parents don't have any history of heart disease. Didn't have any history of electrical disturbances in their hearts, and so they had never been screened. And, that's pretty common. We don't screen people for this potential life-threatening event," said Bruck.

Corbin Independent Schools Athletic Director Andrew Roark said several states require these screenings as part of a yearly physical for student-athletes.

Roark said he hopes that every student-athlete in the region will have the opportunity to get the EKG and echo heart screenings as well.

"We want to be something that we do as a region, as an area. It's not about my kid or your kid, it's about our kids," said Roark.

Roark says he is thankful Superintendent David Cox and the Corbin School Board was supportive and instrumental in having the ability to screen the students.

The next screening and information day for Corbin Independent Schools is September 13th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The screenings will include Corbin Middle School and are usually $79, but will be offered for free as long as funding allows.

For any questions regarding the event call mCORE at (866) 382-2319.

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