Eric C. Conn mug shot, info on where he is being held, released

(WYMT) - Officials released a new mug shot of Eric C. Conn and the location that the former fugitive is being held on Thursday.

We're told Conn is being held in the Grayson County Detention Center following his return to Kentucky on Wednesday.

He was captured by police in Honduras on Saturday night.

Original Story:

Eric C. Conn pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges related to his escape.

The next trial date for the case will be February 12, 2018.

The four counts relating to escape that Conn pleaded not guilty to each carry a punishment of up to five years in prison.

Conn arrived at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington Tuesday evening, marking the final leg in his trip back from Honduras, where he was captured Saturday.

Our sister station WSAZ reports that Conn said "It's good to be home." when arriving at the airport.

Spokesman Jorge Galindo of the Honduras Technical Agency of Criminal Investigation said they left Honduras on a private plane.

On Tuesday, the FBI confirmed that after almost exactly six months on the run, Conn had finally been captured.

"On December 2, with the assistance of the FBI's legal attache in San Salvador and Agencia Técnica de Investigación Criminal or ATIC, Mr. Conn was arrested without incident at a Pizza Hut in La Cieba, Honduras," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Amy Hess.

Conn pleaded guilty in March to stealing from the federal government and bribing a judge in a more than $500 million Social Security fraud case.

A judge was scheduled to sentence Conn on July 14, but Conn disappeared in June. Authorities found his ankle monitor on the side of I-75.

"We pursued all investigative avenues, we interviewed dozens of people to include Mr. Conn's family friends and associates," said Hess.

Conn had been spotted near the Mexico border shortly after his disappearance. Authorities were finally able to locate him in La Ceiba, Honduras, where he was taken into custody while eating at a Pizza Hut. CBS News reports police were reportedly alerted to Conn’s location after he connected to the restaurant's Wi-Fi.

Hess said in a news conference Tuesday, after months on the run, Conn will finally have to face the charges against him.

"As promised, Mr. Conn will now be held accountable for his actions, the people he deceived and the lives he shattered, all the victims of his greed in Eastern Kentucky," said Hess. “At some point soon, he will appear in court to face the remaining charges against him.”

One of Eric C. Conn's clients spoke to us Tuesday. You can read the entire story here.

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