BBB: Be aware of tickets scams for NCAA Tournament tickets

(WYMT) - The Kentucky Wildcats are heading to Jacksonville for the NCAA Tournament.

Image Source: Max Pixel / MGN

If you plan to make the trip to Florida, the Better Business Bureau wants you to check where your ticket is coming from.

Here are some tips the BBB wants you to know.

Buy tickets from official ticket exchange sites. You can find that at

If you buy your tickets on the secondary market, check the company's reputation through the BBB.

Don't forget to check the return and refund policies for your ticket.

"Red flags you should watch for too low to be good prices. Why is someone parting with these for such a low price? Selling now and selling fast before you can research it further it could be someone who doesn't have real tickets at all and could be out to get your money," said one official with the BBB.

We checked out ticket prices on a few sites. They are going from $71 all the way up to $9,000.

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