Attorney files to move teen's complicity to commit murder case back to juvenile court

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A teenaged suspect charged in her stepmother's death is set to stand trial in just a few weeks, but her attorney is trying to prevent a Boyle County Circuit Court jury from hearing the case.

17-year-old Jenna Oakley is charged with complicity to commit murder in Rhonda Oakley's death in September of 2016. She was 15 when her stepmother was found dead in their Junction City home. After the murder, she was found in New Mexico with a 20-year-old.

A judge is considering having the case moved back to juvenile court.

"And Montgomery and Miller talk and talk about the fact that we don't throw away children, because they can be rehabilitated," said Oakley's defense attorney.

The attorney said the guilt or innocence of Oakley needs to be moved from adult court. Just a few weeks before the high profile case goes to trial, she filed a transfer statute motion.

"We fix kids. And the juvenile court fixes kids. And the juvenile court is supposed to protect kids," said the attorney. "And the juvenile court, in this case, did not protect Jenna. And did not consider rehabilitating her."

Friday morning's hearing was supposed to start at 9 a.m. Our reporter noticed a lot of activity going on in and around the courtroom, mostly in the judge's chambers and in the client-attorney rooms. We are not exactly sure what was taking place, but relatives told us that Oakley was having some emotional issues.

The judge said he would rule on the motions Tuesday. The trial is set to begin on January 23.

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