As schools fight sickness, parents applaud cancellation of classes

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 5:07 PM EST
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Schools across Southern and Eastern Kentucky are not in session as kids are sick and attendance rates are dropping.

Clay County Schools are not in session for the second four-day weekend in a row.

"Then you're going to the pharmacy, you're getting the Lysol, you're getting the wipes and then you're up all night administering medicine. It's a process," said Patricia Oliver, a parent with five kids in Clay County schools.

Patricia Oliver has two kids who, when sickness strikes, suffer more than others.

"All of them are bad but my 13-year-old, who has epilepsy, don't end up in the doctor's office as he says, he ends up in the hospital. And now we are dealing with Billy and Billy has had numerous times he's had strep. He's already had the flu this year. He don't bounce back when they're sick and weak. They don't bounce back like we do," said Oliver.

Zach is her 13-year-old. He is homebound because of his epilepsy. But when his siblings come home and bring colds with them, it's really hard on him.

"When I catch what he has I'll have to go to the hospital or stay in bed for five days normally, right," said Zach Oliver.

Patricia wants parents to be careful about sending their kids to school when they're sick.

"If that child is complaining, that child's got a fever, you can tell that child is sick, that child needs to go in. That child does not need to be in school to pack it back to mine that cannot fight it off," said Patricia Oliver.

Clay County Schools are expected to be back in session on Monday.

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