Appalshop featured in National Endowment for The Arts video

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WHITESBURG, Ky (WYMT)- The nonprofit organization Appalshop in Whitesburg was recently featured in a milestone video produced by the National Endowment for the Arts .

Appalshop through media productions, public presentations, and educational projects, including film, video, radio, new media, music, theater, and community exchanges—documents the voices and celebrates the culture of people living in Appalachia and rural America.

The National Endowment for the Arts has provided continual support for Appalshop since its founding in 1969 under the leadership of Bill Richardson as a project of the United States government's War on Poverty.

The organization was one of ten Community Film Workshops started by a partnership between the federal Office of Economic Opportunity and the American Film Institute. In 1974 the worker-operated organization evolved into a nonprofit company called Appalshop and established itself as a hub of filmmaking in Appalachia, and since that time has produced more than one hundred films, covering such subjects as coal mining, the environment, traditional culture, and the economy.

Appalshop also produces theater, music, and spoken-word recordings as well as photography, multimedia, and books.

Appalshop has been located on Madison Avenue in Whitesburg
Since 1985, and has operated WMMT-FM 88.7 FM
which serves much of central Appalachia with music and programming relevant to the region WMMT also broadcasts live on the web and operates almost entirely off of listener donations collected during fundraising drives.

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