Appalshop and MACED team up to conduct energy audits in Letcher County

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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- Appalshop and Mountain Association for Community and Economic Development (MACED) are teaming up to complete energy audits throughout Letcher County.

For more than 45 years, Appalshop has worked within the community to promote growth and preservation.

Recently, after asking folks what their next project should be, they received a surprising answer.

"Across the board one of the biggest things we heard, was utility bills," said Ben Fink, a Creative Placemaking Project Manager for Appalshop. "Now that's not a thing we were ready to hear, that's not a thing we were thinking about but that's what they said."

Appalshop then paired with MACED, who will conduct free energy audits.

Campbell's Branch Community Center is just one of several places looking to reduce costs.

"Utility bills drain most of our money so lowering that will greatly help the community center," said Darlene Campbell, the President of the Community Center Council.

Lighting, appliances and insulation are just a few of the things the center could upgrade to improve their bills.

While saving money is always a plus, they said becoming energy efficient has more than one benefit.

"There are other benefits than just saving energy and saving money," said Rachel Norton, a Residential Energy Specialist for MACED. "Like better quality of life, better air quality...there are a lot of things. A better space for your community to be in that's more usable, like you can't put a price on some of the things that it gives you."

Appalshop and MACED plan to complete more audits on Wednesday.

If you are interested in receiving an audit you can call Appalshop at 606-633-0108 or MACED at 606-439-0170.

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