Appalachia Arts and Music Festival to be held virtually

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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky (WYMT)- Letcher County's Appalshop is an organization that highlights arts and music throughout Appalachia.

"Well we feature Mountain Arts and culture and so we try to make that the focus, the art all around us," said WMMT Program Director Brett Ratliff.

Every year, Appalshop hosts the Seedtime on the Cumberland.

"It is a collaboration not only across the projects within the Appalhouse but its a collaboration with many of our partners outside the Applashop," said Ratliff.

Despite the global pandemic, Appalshop will host the festival just virtually. Artists like Etta Backer and Ralph Stanley will headline the festival through archives.

"Just in that, it is a dream line up that you would never be able to feature otherwise. That we wouldn't have thought to feature otherwise," said Ratliff.

While the situation isn't ideal, Appalshop says this year's festival could give them ideas moving forward.

"As challenging as these times are, and we are all making adjustments due to the coronavirus, it is also an opportunity for us to be innovative in ways we wouldn't have otherwise," said Ratliff.

Getting more eyes on the area.

"It opens up a whole new audience. We put it out there and the whole world has access to it. That is exciting," said Ratliff.

Something the festival is geared towards.