Appalachian Wildlife Center to bring more than 150 jobs

BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Officials at the Appalachian Wildlife Center said they will employee 168 people at their center in Bell County.

The average wage and benefits package for full-time employees will be $54,260. Of the 168 jobs, 32 will be management and supervisory positions.

The lowest full-time staff position will be budgeted at an annual wage and benefits package of $40,916.

Employers said they are looking for people that are enthusiastic about customer service in all areas, from their restaurants to the zoo that will be on-site.

"To deliver that Disney-like experience, we have to deliver customer super-service. And, to deliver customer super-service, that requires people with an aptitude and an attitude for that," said Frank Allen, Appalachian Wildlife Center COO.

The jobs will be posted during the summer of 2020. Hiring will follow that fall.

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