Appalachia Heat Squad helping people lower heating bills

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - As winter approaches and the weather gets colder your heating bill normally increases.

Scott McReynolds, Executive Director of The Housing Development Alliance, says Appalachia Heat squad is trying to help with that problem.

"We all know that electrical electric rates are going up and it's expensive to heat a house where it's getting cold," said McReynolds. "We can come out and do an audit on a house and help a homeowner identify where they can save money."

McReynolds says the problems might not always be what you think they are.

"It is usually when people think about making their home energy-efficient they are thinking about high ticket items like a heat pump or new windows and doors. And those can help and sometimes they are needed," said McReynolds. "A lot of times it's just insulation air ceiling and some other simple things that are relatively low cost. "

The goal is to make your living situation better and not break the bank with your heating bills.

"It's an opportunity for people to make their house more comfortable and healthier and hopefully save a few bucks in the process."

Here in the information to call and schedule an audit:

The Housing Development Alliance, Hazard: 606-436-0497
COAP, Harlan: 606-573-9853
HOMES incorporated, Whitesburg: 606-632-1717

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