Annual shootout competition in Clay County attracts world champions

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MANCHESTER, Ky. (WYMT)- Gun shots could be heard all through Ponderosa Pines Saturday, after hundreds of gun slingers gathered for a throwback competition, 1800's style.

The event looked like an old western film. Every single person dressed in a special western get up.

"But they look the part and that’s the big part of the whole game,” said Jerome Jarvis, director of the event.” “Just reliving fantasies. We get to be cowboys again, like we did when we were little boys."

Participants take on a different name. They call it their alias.

"Mines copperhead Joe," said Jarvis.

"Missouri Lefty," said Clayton Wisdom, world champion from Missouri.

Leaders say the competition attracts folks from all over the country and some big, and fast, names in shooting.

"A lot of talent here," said Jarvis.

Like 16-year-old Clayton Wisdom.

"And he literally won the world overall. The fastest shooter in the world is here,” said Jarvis.

"A couple weeks ago I just got back from New Mexico, which is the world championship," said Wisdom.

Wisdom says he loves the competition, but the people involved keep him coming back to the Black Gold shootout.

"The people here are amazing,” said Wisdom. “This is one of my favorite places to come to and hang out."

Organizers say attendance shot up this year and they're hoping to do the same next.

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