Animal shelter volunteers ask for help after recent flooding

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Martin County felt the brunt of the recent flooding.

Early Monday morning, volunteers called county officials for help cleaning up the mess mother nature caused. "The judge's office, the sheriff, the county attorney, us we all need to have a united front to fight this problem," said Carla Bowen, a volunteer at the animal shelter.

"The grass is flooded, the kennels are flooded. It's a complete mess all around," said Bowen.

Carla told WYMT, she and the other volunteers can only do so much. "This should be a safe place to live in and it's a wasteland, really," said Bowen.

"They're sleeping in it, they're laying it in, they're dragging it into their house," explained Bowen.

Volunteers said although the water had gone down since Sunday night, it is still in kennels and they could lead to health problems for the dogs.

"They can catch Pneumonia where they are constantly wet," explained Bowen.

For two years, Cyndie McGinnis has dedicated her time to the animal shelter. She told WYMT, existing sewer problems caused damage to intensify.

"The dogs are standing in water and a lot of it is sewer water," said McGinnis.

McGinnis said the condition of the shelter is miserable. "We get to go home, we get to get us a cup of cocoa and get warm. They don't," explained McGinnis.

They said they hope to solve the problem soon.

"It tugs at my heart but all we can do as volunteers is do the best that we can and this is what we have to work with, unfortunately," said Bowen.

All of the animals you see in the video above are up for adoption.
If you would like to donate to the shelter you can visit their Facebook by clicking here or call the shelter at (606) 298-4035.

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