Animal cruelty investigator: "Cold weather can be dangerous to pets"

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dropping temperatures can be dangerous for people, and they can be just as dangerous to our four-legged companions as well according to sister-station WKYT.

(Credit: WKYT)

Taking care of your pets is important, and most cities have ordinances or laws regarding animal abuse.

During these cold spells, if your dog or cat starts to shiver, hold up their paws, or act strange, that is a clear sign you should bring them in.

Jai Hamilton, an Animal Cruelty Investigator in Lexington, reminds us that animals are susceptible to a lot of the illnesses we can get from the cold.

"Cold weather can be dangerous to pets," she says. "They are suseptible to frostbite and hypothermia so we always recommend they bring their pets indoors."

Hamilton also warns that without proper care, your companion could end up in the care of Animal Control.

""We know some people choose to leave their dogs outside even in cold weather, so we (Lexington) do have a city ordinance that mandates certain things are provided for that animal," she continues "Those things would be proper tether, freshwater, and a proper dog house."

To avoid this, Hamilton hopes people take the best care of their pets and that they bring them inside whenever the temperatures drop.

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