An update on WYMT's fight to get on satellite

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - There is potential new life to WYMT's attempt to get on satellite.

We are currently in the process of appealing a May decision by the Federal Communication Commission that deemed they would not allow WYMT satellite carriage.

"We respectfully disagree. We do not feel that they considered all the facts in the case. We feel that they ignored some of the facts and the wishes of Eastern Kentucky," said WYMT General Manager Neil Middleton. "You can live in Hazard, Kentucky and see our station from your home, and if you have satellite and not cable you can't get WYMT. That simply doesn't make sense."

On Wednesday Representative Hal Rogers placed wording in a bill that he says funds the FCC that could potentially force the commission's hand in making Dish Network and Direct TV carry WYMT.

"I intend to be sure that language stays in the bill that requires the FCC to pay attention to the language of the plight of local television coverage in the areas so that stations like WYMT can be seen by the people they cover," said 5th District Republican Representative Hal Rogers.

The act he mentions is the Stellar Act of 2014. What he is working to do is have the FCC recognize the language that allows local viewers to receive their local TV station on satellite.

"I inserted language in the bill that funds the FCC, yesterday, to require them to pay more attention to the Stellar Act of 2014 which requires the FCC to pay attention to local television so people can have a preference and get their local tv coverage," said Representative Rogers.

Middleton and Rogers encourage everyone to continue to send letters to the FCC asking for WYMT to be carried on satellite.

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