Ambulance sirens used to scare away birds

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CLAY COUNTY, (WYMT) - The Clay County Ambulance Service was asked to blare their sirens Thursday evening to scare away the birds that roost in the trees.

Community members have complained about the birds in the area. A local group was worried about health concerns because of the bird droppings being left behind.

Mary Hibbard works in Manchester and right near where the birds roost. "There's so much chirping and then you watch them do a lot of flying around the trees and joining in their groups," said Hibbard.

During the interview, an ambulance drove by blaring its siren. Hibbard was asked if she thought the sirens would help. "If you raise a garden, then you know there's very little things, scarecrows and other things, that you can do that's just not going to scare them off," said Hibbard.

Hibbard hopes the birds will leave once the season changes to warmer temperatures.