Almost half of flights at Blue Grass Airport canceled; some people still flying

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Almost half of the flights at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport were canceled Tuesday, and yet some people are still traveling through the terminals.

Sister station WKYT talked to travelers who said they would not be flying if it was not necessary.

"It was a little scary at first. A little hectic. There definitely wasn't anybody at the aurora at all. I flew through Atlanta and through LAX, which is usually heavily trafficked," said Tate Pringle, who came back from California to get his things from Campbellsville University.

An airport spokesperson said the coronavirus outbreak has had a bigger impact on flights than 9/11 did. She added that some routes cut from Blue Grass Airport may take years to be reestablished.

"If you're visiting somewhere out of state and need to fly home to get home, you have to do that. But flying out or leaving home, it's just not something that, unless you have specific reason, something we should do at this time," said Diana Metz, who just came back from helping her sick son in Florida.

Travelers recommend you check online to see if there are any changes with your flight before you go to the airport, though there are so many cancellations, airlines are more willing to make adjustments if need be.