Air Raid continues to pay employees amid COIVD-19 closings

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - On a typical day, the trampolines at Air Raid in London are full of kids having fun.

On March 15th, the business was forced to close its doors because of COVID-19.

"Well, it's a sad situation this the busiest time of the year for a business like ours," says Co-Owner Michael Taylor.

With a large staff and an even larger facility, Taylor worries about their future.

"We have 51 employees some of those are part-time some of those are full time. So when we closed down it was kind of concerning because there was a ton of uncertainty," Taylor added.

However, regardless of growing concerns, Air Raid's employees were treated like family.

"So we paid our employees on Friday and we intend on paying them for the next two weeks no matter what happens," said Taylor.

"It does mean a lot. The fact that they know me, they know my family. I know them, I know their families and so they understand how important this is for my livelihood," General Manager Amos Muncie said.

The kindness of Air Raid's owners does not go unnoticed.

"They absolutely know how appreciative I am of everything they do right now. If I didn't have my income coming in that would put a real hurt on us paying our mortgage payment and things like that right now," says Muncie.

Air Raid hopes to open their doors soon, but for now, the trampolines will stay empty.

To support this local business you can head to their website here.