After locking down his dream a small business owner is hoping to help others recognize theirs

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) Every year FedEx awards small businesses around the United States with grants to help grow their region.

A Hazard Small Business owner has applied to win the grant hoping to help people achieve their dreams.

"My idea since I moved into downtown Hazard has been to create what I call an Appalachian dream station. Anyone who has a dream, they want to learn a new art, they want to learn a trade they can come here and learn that, free of charge," said Joey McKenney the owner of Appalachian Apparel.

The grant is awarded to small businesses who play a significant role in the area where they live and operate.

"I want to create a photography studio here. Anyone who wants to learn photography or videography they'll have a studio here," said McKenney talking about what he plans to do if he wins the grant.

He won't just stop at a photography studio though.

"Some pottery stations here, some painting, some music have live musicians here," McKenney added.

He hopes that his business, along with the coffee shop and sandwich shop that run out of his building, along with the Dream Center will help attract other people downtown and help revitalize an area that needs it.

"The more things we have here in the space the more diverse group of people are going to come through here and see all the things Main Street may have to offer," said McKenney.

If you would like to vote for Appalachian Apparel click here.

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