Small business success, and the story of the owner's strength

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BOONEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - On the outskirts of Booneville in Owsley County, Robots in Disguise is a small family-run embroidery and graphic design company that ships all over the United States.

Last year alone, the company shipped shirts to 46 states and Canada. It's a small business success story, and the family of three sisters that runs it means there's never a dull moment.

"And it's always something humorous," said Sarah Thrope, one of the three sisters to work at the shop.

Her sister Laura is the owner and says this is an around the clock job for her.

"Sometimes it really is," Laura said laughing.

The family has fun working together, but even more importantly, they are thankful they are still together.

Back in 2015, Laura was in a car crash that almost took her life.

"I was traveling down the road just like any other morning and there was a car coming, I saw him but he actually had a heart attack at the wheel and came across the center line and hit me head on," Laura recalled.

The man in the other car was a family friend, he sadly died that day.

"I was a very devastating time," Sarah added.

Sarah says she recalls the day vividly, they were celebrating a birthday when they got the call a couple of hours after the crash.

"She was in critical condition," she said. "We didn't know if she was gonna live or die."

Thankfully Laura was able to heal after about ten days in the hospital, but throughout her body, her bones were shattered.

"I was bed bound for about 4 months," Laura said. "My legs and stuff were kind of broken up but I'm much better now I walk and do things but it's one of those things that you know that there's a purpose."

One of those purposes is what the shop has become to her family. Laura has slowly regained her ability to walk. She uses a can and sometimes a wheelchair for assistance.

"I wanted to give up you know, but I know who I put my trust in and that's God," Laura added.

Now she's using that purpose to uplift the area she calls home.

"We just want to promote a little piece of Booneville all over which is what we're doing and I hope we're promoting a positive piece as we do that," she said.

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