Addiction recovery center possibly coming to Pike County, community pushes back

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The city of Pikeville is pushing back after the announcement that an addiction recovery center is coming to town.

"Why this house? Why our community?" said a concerned person from the Cedar Creek area.

A town hall meeting was held at the Appalachian Wireless Arena Thursday night.

"I understand their concerns. I'm not here to try to cause any kind of controversy. I certainly understand their fears and their concerns," said Edgewater Recovery CEO John David Elam.

Edgewater Recovery is looking into putting a treatment center in the Cedar Creek area on Kati Street.

The recovery center has been helping addicts for two years. They have multiple facilities in Rowan County and now want to expand.

"Two years later we have a lot of support in the community we're welcomed in the community," said Elam.

They are a residential treatment facility trying to keep a family lifestyle throughout treatment.

Some people in the Cedar Creek area are worried about safety, what kind of people it will bring in, and if more drugs will hit the streets.

"I just do not think it is a good thing to put where you all are asking to put it. Do we need these facilities? Yes, Pike County needs them we just don't need them in Cedar Creek," said a person in the community.

Others in the community think it could help.

"I'd much rather have a facility like this that's going to be controlled the way it's going to be controlled than to have them cooking crystal meth on these very streets you all are talking about," said a supportive local.

Elam says there is a lot of stigma with addiction, but he wants the community to know he is not here to hurt them but to help.

He is urging people to remember it is not a shelter, but trying to help families in this community get back on their feet.

Edgewater does not accept drug addicts who were former sex offenders or have a history of violence.

The meeting was just an informational meeting. No action was taken.

They hope to have the facility open March 1st.

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