AC unit ripped apart, copper stolen from Little League field in Boyd County

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CATLETTSBURG, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Police are investigating a theft at a Little League field.

Catlettsburg Little League president Josh Gilbert discovered the theft and vandalism over the weekend. He says the concession stand AC unit was ripped apart and the copper was stolen.

"They're pretty low," Gilbert said. "There's really nothing you can say for somebody who would steal from anything that was for the benefit of kids."

Gilbert says it's another setback for the league.

"That's money we're going to have to spend that we would've liked to use somewhere else," Gilbert said.

Even with sponsorships, Gilbert said the league relies on their concession stand.

"Point blank, no little league can survive without their concession stand," Gilbert said.

Gilbert says the league has previously dealt with attempted break-ins.

"If they are from this area like I believe they are, if they're close to the ball field then the only message I really have to say to them is 'leave, move out, get out of this town, I don't want you here," Gilbert said.

The Catlettsburg Police Department is investigating the theft. There are no suspects in the case.

If you would like to help the Little League, you can reach out through their Facebook page: Catlettsburg Little League.

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