A partnership creating a new home and future jobs

Published: Dec. 7, 2017 at 3:07 PM EST
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It is a partnership that kills two birds with one stone.

The Make it Square partnership is between the Housing Development Alliance and Hazard Community and Technical College.

The purpose behind it is to train HCTC students real-life techniques while also providing an energy efficient home to a family in need.

“It’s been a learning experience especially for people like Jessica who's never been on a job site before. A lot of these guys have never been on a job site before so it was something new, to begin with," said HCTC Student Larry Everidge who has experience building homes before enrolling in the program.

Jessica who he is referring to had never been on a job site before. She says this project was from the ground up and is looking forward to seeing the family’s faces when they finally move into the home.

“This has been from bottom up. We started from when the ground was just here nothing else. We started digging the footers putting in the concrete, the block, painting and just framing the whole house to where it is now. I'd just love to see the faces of the owners of the home my enjoyment would be just that," said Jessica Higgins an HCTC student.

This home is energy efficient and teaching these students the new techniques to building a highly efficient house is important for preparing for the future.

“In the future being able to build an energy efficient home is going to be a great skill set. So this is going to be a great opportunity for the housing development alliance and the college to train the next generation of workers,” said Scott McReynolds the Executive Director of the Housing Development Alliance.

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