This city's bird problem is so bad that the alarm has been sounded. Literally.

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MANCHESTER, Ky. (WYMT) - It's a problem that brought in public health officials, someone with UK's natural resources department and even local law enforcement.

The culprit? Birds.

"They would even remind you of the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'Birds'. I think we have more than they ever had in their movie," said Bonnie Nolan.

Nolan lives on Courthouse Hill in the city of Manchester. The Clay County hill is home to multiple people, the judicial center and a handful of law offices.

Every evening around 6 p.m., blackbirds fill the trees.

"They're just everywhere, every night, every evening," added Nolan. "And they've been doing this all fall and winter."

Nolan shares the same sentiments many people on the hill do. They make a lot of noise and leave behind a mess nearly every night.

"They nest on everybody's cars. You can wash them one day, the next morning they're covered with bird droppings," she added.

To try and scare the birds off, officials will blare sirens Thursday evening.

Officials with Clay County's Cooperative Extension Service are working to combat the problem, and released this statement:

In an effort to chase blackbirds from Courthouse Hill and prevent their roosting, the Clay County Ambulance Service will run their sirens for 2-3 solid minutes on Thursday evening, February 27th between 6 pm and 7 pm. This press release is just to let the citizens of Manchester know what is happening.

Officials with Clay County's health department also said they were working alongside the appropriate authorities to help any way they could.

If there is an emergency, the ambulances would attend to that first.

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