A behind the scenes look at what happens on election day

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - As the polls came to a close Tuesday evening, we wanted to give you a picture of what county clerk's offices look like.

They serve as each county's central hub for election results.

Perry County Clerk, Haven King, says two people from each precinct will collect the Escan and Eslate cartridges. Those are the cards with all of the votes already tallied up.

King says one of the longest parts of tallying the votes is just waiting for the information to be driven to the Clerk's Office.

Some precincts in the county, like Buckhorn and Leatherwood, are close to 45 minutes away.

Once the information makes it to the office, King says it is a very quick process of adding the total votes from the precincts to the county totals.

"Quickly as we get those, we can give you a tally", said King. "But, you got to make sure that those people bring those in. We have had instances when they forget, 'oh I forgot that'. So you know, if you've got to go back to Leatherwood, that's an hour."

King says it typically takes about two hours from the time the polls close to the time final results are in from all precincts.

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