A Laurel County family prepares to open a store selling hemp products

Published: Jan. 4, 2019 at 6:59 PM EST
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Tracy Fischer, her husband Jimmy, and father Larry Brooks are opening Hometown Hemp in London. A store that will sell products derived from hemp on Kentucky farms.

Years ago, Fischer says when her uncle had cancer, she saw the pain he was going through and went researching ways to help him.

She says the talk at that time was about medical marijuana and CBD medicines that were out of their reach.

"At that time it was only legal in Colorado, we couldn't have gotten him to Colorado," says Fischer.

Shortly after her uncle died, she found herself moving to a home on a farm.

She says there were several crops around her when she moved in, but then farmers started planting hemp.

Which sparked her interest, all over again.

"Hemp started coming up. And, I was like 'oh my goodness.' So I start researching it and I start seeing all the health benefits. All the stories that people are giving," Fischer says.

Fischer says the Farm Bill passed in 2018 is allowing them to sell the products, and bring them to Laurel County.

"We have branded our own stuff and hopefully it is going to help everybody quite a bit. We're going to have fun stuff. Ice cream, cake pops, all of that," says Fischer.

Aside from the health benefits, Fischer says she looks forward to more people using the opportunity that hemp is giving in her area to grow their economy.

"It is going to help the economy, it is going to help farmers. They have to have plenty of farmers to keep this going," Fischer says.

Hometown Hemp is set to open on February 1st, in the shopping center beside Kroger.