$80,000 worth of goods fill Harlan Center for Blackjewel miners

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 3:30 PM EDT
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It took four truckloads to haul it all, but on Tuesday the Harlan Center was packed nearly wall to wall with goods.

"Basically we brought four tractor-trailer loads of product over here, between 75 and 80 thousand dollars worth of product," said Jeff Burchett, Director of Operation Sharing for the Christian Appalachian Project.

The Christian Appalachian Project, along with others, brought in goods for miners and their families. The project was heavy on their hearts for weeks.

"We've probably been working on it three or four weeks getting everything set up," said Burchett.

Miners who are still waiting for their paychecks know this community is behind them.

"I mean they have stepped in and given us full support in what we're doing," said Miner Gary Lewis.

Lewis says the most important part to all of this is if they spend less money in the grocery store, they can use it on gas to help them find new jobs.

"We can get a little bit of supplies to keep us up and we can use that money to get a little bit of gas to go out and find us another job," said Lewis.