Kentucky fisherman reels in ginormous goldfish or koi using Lee's biscuit as bait

Courtesy of WKYT
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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) -- One Danville man made a big catch during the weekend that sounds unbelievable, but there are pictures to prove it.

Hunter Anderson works part-time at a bait-and-tackle shop, so he's familiar with fishing stories, but insists this one is no story.

"There's no faking that kind of fish," Anderson said. "It was crazy."

Sister station WKYT reports Anderson caught what he believes is a 20-pound goldfish or koi fish.

Anderson said he and his girlfriend were driving back from Frankfort during the weekend when they decided to stop at a private pond in Boyle County. They had a pole in the car that they decided to bait and drop in the water.

"Believe it or not, we ate at Lee's earlier in the day, and I took a piece of a Lee's biscuit and put it on a hook, threw it out there and that fish ate it," Anderson said.

Anderson, who has fished his whole life, said the fish put up a fight. He competes in fishing tournaments and was also on EKU's bass fishing team at one point. But despite his long fishing experience, he calls this the strangest fish he's seen.

"I guess people have just never seen anything like it," Anderson said. "I know I haven't."

Anderson said he put his unusual find back in the pond.

"What am I going to do with it, really?" Anderson said. "I thought it deserved to swim another day. Maybe somebody else will catch it. Maybe a kid will catch it and be as happy as I was. I was jumping for joy."

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