Volunteers donate more than 500 items to Martin County toy drive

MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Nearly 100 kids in Martin County got to pick their Christmas gifts out early this year.

Organizers filled the Pigeon Roost Community Center with more than 500 toys, clothes, and home-goods to help during the holidays.

It all started with a Facebook post.

"Back in August, I came up with this idea that I wanted to help the people of Martin County. It's been a really rough year," said BarbiAnn Maynard.

Maynard says she knew she wanted to help her community in a big way.

"A lot of people have been having to spend most of their money on water," Maynard pointed out. "It put a strain on the people in the community so we wanted to do something to give back," she continued.

Martin County is known for its water issues. However Saturday morning, volunteers worked to change that.

"We have a little bit of everything including two brand new TVs, 6 brand new bicycles. Beyond anything and everything you could possibly want, we have. Including clothes, household items, and car seats," explained Maynard.

Kids could pick out a large item and one item per table. There were around 7 tables.

Kids could also pick out one pair of shoes then as many clothing items they can fit in a plastic bag.

Maynard says there are many families in Martin County that could benefit from the drive.

"I said oh my lord. She has worked so hard for these kids. Especially for the kids in her community in Martin County," said Monica Pinson.

Pinson says she has her hands full.

"Especially when you have 4 kids to raise. When you have 4, you do your best that you can do. Stuff like this really helps me," Pinson pointed out.

Earlier this year, Ashley Pinson was killed after she and her 22-month-old daughter crashed on an ATV.

Ashley was married to Monica's son. Now, Monica helps raise Ashley's daughter.

"Bills come up. You have hardly anything to spare for them. Then stuff like this. When people want to help people, it's nice to do this," explained Pinson.

No matter how hard life gets, Pinson says she is thankful for the things they have.

"Plus, I am taking care of my mom and dad on top of that. I have a lot to bare. But I think if it wasn't for the lord above, I would never do any of it," said Pinson.

People from Martin, Pike, Johnson, Floyd, and even Mingo County West Virginia donated items to help fund the drive.

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