Man comes up with device to prevent hot car deaths

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- After hearing about the multiple deaths caused by the dangerous temperatures in a hot car, Richard Bozeman, a retired chief of the NASA Propulsion and Power Division, invented a device that could help remind drivers to not leave their children or pets inside the car.

"I spent 31 years in NASA at the Space Center and have a number of patents in aerospace and biomedical and passed that I kind of retired a couple of times and taught at college, but one day my wife told me I should invent a device that alerts parents about leaving their kids in their car," said Bozeman.

After seven years of research, Bozeman finally came up with a device smaller than the size of a cell phone that beeps and is wireless.

"It's battery operated and is a super simple design, all you have to do is push it up against the door, mount it to the firewall with Velcro and when you open the door the device beeps and says a message reminding the driver to take their kids or pets out of the car," said Bozeman.

The only way to turn off the noise is to push the red button located on the device.

"The device doesn't stop beeping until you push the button, so there is no ignoring it," said Bozeman.

Amber Neidig, Bozeman's granddaughter and mother of five kids, said the device can be a lifesaver.

"I mean I would hope no parent has the intention of leaving their child or pet or whatever in the car, but I know when my twin boys were young I mean I was scatterbrained a lot of the times, but luckily my grandfather gave me one of the devices which helped me a lot of the times," said Neidig.

As for now, the device is patented, and Bozeman said he hopes to get it on the market soon.

"I am 83-years-old, and I would love for someone to help market this and take it off my hands," said Bozeman.

"You just never know what can happen or what may happen and I think that if there is something that um in our cars that could save someones life or an infants life it's worth it," said Neidig.