2019 expected to be record year for Memorial Day weekend travel

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - More people are expected to hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend than ever before. Experts expect 2019 to be a record-setting year for Memorial Day weekend travel.

More than 37.6 million people will be traveling, a 3.6% increase from last year.

On Friday traffic along I-75 was relatively calm despite the hustle and bustle of the weekend.

One traveler, Russell Smith said traffic has been just fine for him...so far.

"So far not bad. So we traveled about 180 miles and not too bad yet," said Smith. "I'm waiting to get through Cincinnati then I'll see *chuckles*."

Other drivers said the roads locally have been much busier.

"I do a lot of traveling for work as well and watching your surroundings is very important especially on a holiday weekend," said Aaron Kirk of London. "The roads are pretty hectic actually, it seems like every gas station is full."

Drivers said they will keep a watchful eye while driving this weekend, and enjoy the long weekend ahead.

As always, troopers are encouraging everyone to drive safely. They will have extra patrols out monitoring I-75.

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