Twenty-million-dollar school project nears completion

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Elkhorn City Elementary School is almost complete after a two-year renovation.

Barry Birchfield, Pike County School Safety Director and Construction Manager, says the 20 million dollar project is almost complete with a new gym, bigger classrooms, better heating and cooling system and more space for learning.

"The teachers, students and parents have really been troopers," Birchfield said. "I'm just glad they have a nice finished product."

Acting Principal, Alma Lockhart, also agrees the project turned out well. She says the update was needed.

"Our heating and cooling had never worked properly in this building and we were overcrowded," Lockhart said.

With construction happening during the school year, Birchfield and Lockhart say teachers and staff were creative in their approach.

"This is actually a very unique project," Birchfield said. "We've actually done this entire project, a majority of it, with students in the building."

Lockhart says the entire project was worth it. They are all pleased with the results.

"Parents have been thrilled, students have been thrilled," Lockhart said.

The finishing touches will be put on the building over the summer.

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