11 companies tour Eastern Kentucky bringing possible jobs

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HARLAN, Ky. (WYMT) 11 companies are touring Eastern Kentucky during a three-day stretch learning about the work ethic in the mountains.

"My goodness, it’s almost second to none. The willingness to learn the adaptability it’s just absolutely fantastic," said Susan Hopkins the Associate Vice President of North American Recruitment for Sutherland.

The company Susan works for already employs workers in Eastern Kentucky, however, over the three days she is learning about the adaptability of the workforce in the mountains and are looking at possibly expanding.

"They don't want to go elsewhere to fill positions and we want to be able to continue that partnership," said Hopkins.

These tours are made possible by cooperation with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, TeleworksUSA and another company called Flex Jobs.

“We've been able to bring 11 companies into the region for the next three days to learn about the workforce that we have," said Michael Cornett, Director of Agency Expansion at TeleworksUSA for EKCEP.

All looking to bring more jobs to the region.

"The most encouraging feedback we have heard so far is their being impressed with the workforce. We've been saying to anyone who cares to listen that Eastern Kentucky has the best workforce and the most adaptable workforce and the most loyal workforce and they're getting to see that and talk with the people who work with teleworks and we've helped place with some of these remote work companies so they're seeing that first hand," said Cornett.

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