1,000 COVID-19 tests processed at UK lab

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - University of Kentucky doctors gave sister-station WKYT an inside look at how they administer and test samples for COVID-19.

(Photo: WKYT)

Dr. Amy Gerwitz and Dr. Morgan McCoy say the testing process is quite uncomfortable, involving a long nasal swab collecting a sample from up the nose which is then taken to the lab for testing.

For nearly a week UK doctors were processing 94 tests at a time and have almost reached the 1,000 test mark.

Dr. McCoy and Dr. Gerwitz say right now they have adequate supplies for both testing and personal protective equipment but say they can only practice social distancing so well inside the lab.

The doctors say even with new information coming out about COVID-19 their work environment is positive and they feel optimistic.

"When you walk to the laboratory you feel that there is a collaborative positive environment. Everybody’s working together. We have adequate resources to produce the testing we need to in order to take care of the individuals that we service,” said Dr. Gerwitz.

Dr. McCoy and Dr. Gerwitz say they are currently training more employees to process tests. They say the training process does not take long to complete.

The doctors who test run multiple batches of samples daily.