Williamsburg local donates protective gear for K-9 units

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Officers at the Williamsburg Police Department say a donor that wishes to remain anonymous donated protective gear for their K-9 units.

That gear included cooling vets, bullet and stab resistant vests, resuscitator bags, clot-it, and first-aid kits made for the dogs.

"Dogs get shot in the line of duty, they get stabbed in the line of duty, they get hit by vehicles. They die from heat exhaustion. So it's, it's a big deal," says Police Chief Wayne Bird.

Bird says the dog units are just as essential as the human officers and are on the front line.

He says equipment like this is something an agency their size typically is not able to have but something they certainly needed.

"For instance one of the places we searched for the murder suspect was in Corbin at the abandoned motel," says Bird.

He continues, "The dog is walking through glass, he's walking through nails, he's walking on tin. Of course, the handler was actually stuck through the foot with a nail. So, the dog is very subject to injury just like we are."

Police say the gear costed approximately a total of $3,000.

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