Pet Food Blessing Box trying to fight animal hunger

Published: Jan. 19, 2020 at 4:53 PM EST
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It is a creative solution to a serious problem.

Travis Combs built the Pet Food Blessing Box, which sits outside of Tiki's Treasure in Jackson.

“Kentucky’s one of the worst in the nation for animal abuse, starvation, abandonment that sort of thing. So a bunch of our friends kind of got together and we saw a need in a way that we could help out. We built this box here," said Combs. “Anybody at any time I can come by. The box is always open. You just drop off any food you can for dogs, cats any kind of pet. Any kind of pet product really pee pads, snacks, anything like that."

For Combs, it is a topic that hits close to home.

“We’ve taken in pets ourselves most of our dogs are rescue dogs that people have sat out we’ve taken a man and got attached."

If you are interested in a Pet Food Blessing Box you can contact Combs through Kentucky Craftworks Facebook page.