“I chose them because they chose me.": Family adopts 3 kids through zoom during pandemic

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 4:40 PM EDT
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Many city halls and courtrooms are temporarily closed to the public because of the coronavirus, and it is impacting families trying to adopt.

Back in 2019, Andy and Kayla Fields started the process to become Skleigh, Dusty, and Aubree's legal parents.

“We were only expecting to have one kid but God gave us three beautiful children and we’re just so blessed and so happy that God put them in our lives," said Kayla Fields. “They kept pushing it back and when the corona hits we knew that something was going to happen to where the adoption was going to be put off until all this had ended."

They continued to wait for the big day. Then, to the family's surprise, a zoom call with the judge would lead them to legally become the kid's parents, right from home.

Aubree, the oldest of the three, says this provides a sense of comfort.

“I mean it happened. It happened one way or another that’s all that really matters," said Aubree. “Not having to look back and worry about are my siblings okay and are they going to get another meal."

Madix Fields says he is excited that his original family of three turned into a full house.

“For most of my life I’ve been the only child and I was always wishing to have siblings. Then when I heard mom and dad doing adoption I was very excited to have siblings."

Skyleigh Fields, only 7-years-old, is looking forward to just simply being a family.

“I was happy I wouldn’t have to go nowhere anymore and I wouldn’t have to worry that I wouldn’t have to go anywhere. I was happy I had a family," said Skleigh. “ I chose them because they chose me. “

For the last two years, the Fields have already considered this bunch a family but now they are one stronger than ever.