Staff at a Clay County elementary school take special trip to visit and feed students

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Faculty and staff from a Clay County Elementary School made a trip to see some of their students Friday.

The educators, who work at Paces Creek Elementary School, made a special delivery of sack lunches for kids on their Summer break.

James Gray, principal at Paces Creek Elementary, says he is excited about the opportunity to reach out to students during a time he normally does not get to see them.

"The staff is just unreal on their dedication to doing it. And, it just gives us a chance to see our students at home during the Summer. Let them know that we are thinking of them, we miss them, and that we are looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year."

More than 20 volunteers from the school showed up to help prepare the lunches.

Alpha Burns, a volunteer, says being able to have an impact on students during the Summer leaves her with a great feeling.

“It makes me feel great and I'm sure it does everybody else that works here to at Paces Creek. I think a lot of the kids in the county and I would do anything to help the children in this county."

More than 250 sack lunches were made Friday. The sack lunch included a hotdog, water, apple, bag of chips, and a cookie.

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