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Sports journalism is way more than a stat line. It's more than a record or a championship.

Sports journalism is way more than a stat line. It's more than a record or a championship. It's about the people in sports that makes sports journalism so great. Sports are the only thing that can unify the entire world for a short amount of time and forget about all the conflict and hardship. It's the only thing that can bring people from all races, genders, incomes, religions, ethnicities, ages, and neighborhoods to cheer someone on. What else can do that?

Sports for me personally played a huge impact on my life. I played basketball for most of my life on the Northside of Chicago, IL, where I was born and raised with a little brother and sister. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew it had to include sports. It was a Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers game that made it click for me that I wanted to be a sports journalist. I created the student media department at my high school and interned at production agencies all throughout my high school career.

I brought that dream to the small town of Athens, Ohio where I attended Ohio University and worked at the college television station on campus, WOUB. That is where I met former WYMT reporter Angela Reighard. I worked my way up in WOUB in both news and sports, having two stories nominated for an Emmy and two shows win an Emmy. By senior year, I was the sports director of a 90+ student sports department, where I was in charge of two radio shows, social media, web content and four television shows. I covered OU Football's Raycom Media Camellia Bowl heartbreaking loss to Appalachian State as well as OU Baseball's run at the College World Series.

I did freelance work with SB Nation's WNBA/NCAAW affiliate SwishAppeal, where I covered OU women's basketball and DePaul women's basketball. I travelled to cover the NCAAW March Madness series. I also freelanced with SportsRants NFL as a Chicago Bears analyst and writer, where I appeared on multiple podcasts and radio shows across the country talking NFL football.

However, the highlight of my college career was my internship at Comcast SportsNet Chicago, where I covered the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup run and victory. I met multiple professional athletes, including Anthony Rizzo, Patrick Kane, Lance Briggs, Frank "The Big Hurt" Thomas, and Chris Sale. I covered MLB, NHL, NBA, and the Bears training camp as well.

When I'm not covering sports, you can find me in one of three places: 1) At a basketball court, shooting the rock around and thinking I'm still a baller, (2) watching the Bears disappoint me almost every week during football season, and (3) trying out new food and hiking spots all over the state of Kentucky and seeing what the Bluegrass State has to offer this Chicagoan.

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