JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - Jett Tours rests along Kentucky 15 in Breathitt County and serves as a place for people to book a getaway.

”We here at Jett Tours, we donate to all the schools that ask us, we donate to charities, we promote our local artists,” said Lillian Jett, the owner of Jett Tours.

Starting in March, Jett tours book 31 trips throughout the year. They were two trips into 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

”On Wednesday everything shutdown after that trip. We have had to reschedule 27 trips, and you may think that’s no big deal, that affects 1,300 people,” said Clara Gabbard, Jett’s right-hand woman.

Jett and Gabbard are now filling up their time looking at alternatives to what they can do with all of the people who have had to reschedule trips.

While they do that, they are trying to find a way that, should the social distance requirements continue, they can accommodate most of their excursions.

”We figure that up by the trip. We would have to have 30, we would have to have 30 to break even, and remember we have to do a little better than break-even,” said Gabbard. ”If we can just know, to give us a day and say January first you can travel like you always did before, we’re good we can handle it and people will be very happy, very happy.”

When going on tours the busses they lease are from a company out of Lexington, where because of the pandemic those busses now sit idle.

“We just can’t get any answers and my customers are feeling the same. Clara is going to talk a little more about that, but we just can’t we can’t get any answers and my customers are frustrated too, and they can get any answers,” said Jett.

Jett and Gabbard have both reached out to the Governor’s office looking for answers.

”It’s hard. Difficult, difficult, I guess is better to say. But, we pray daily for some insight, and hope that everything turns out okay,” said Gabbard.

While they hope for more guidance they plan to take July off and resume booking trips in August and hope that come September they can start some sort of normalcy they had before.

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