Police: Woman steals Wayne Co. ambulance, goes on joyride in Lexington

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Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 11:31 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) - They are used to take people from an emergency, but some people in Lexington said an ambulance nearly caused one Sunday night.

“We felt a rush of air, really loud. Like a car going by. We turned around and there was an EMT swerving into the bike lane,” Camarian Dickey explained.

Police said a woman, later identified as Jericha Hays, stole an ambulance shortly after a patient was taken into the hospital.

It happened after a Wayne County patient was taken to St. Joseph East.

Police said the woman nearly ran over several people and ignored several traffic laws on the joyride across Lexington.

“We were pretty lucky in how close we were, how close of a call it was,” Rowyn Moore said.

The incident ended at a Walmart, and Hays was arrested.

“It took a crew that we desperately need out of circulation. Also an ambulance which is still drivable but it had to be taken down and inspected,” Sherwin Corder said.

Hays was charged with several offenses, including wanton endangerment and theft.

“She didn’t even honk. The only honk we heard was from a lady who was turning and she stopped to ask us if were okay,” Dickey added.

Officials in Wayne County said the ambulance was checked, and it should be back in service by Tuesday.

The Wayne County EMS Director said they are installing anti-theft devices on their ambulances to prevent a similar incident from happening again.