Kentucky State Police graduates its largest class of dispatchers

Kentucky State Police graduates its largest class of dispatchers
Published: Oct. 6, 2023 at 5:44 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police graduates its largest class of dispatchers.

This morning in Frankfort, the class of 30 walked across the stage to receive their certificates.

Class 22 went through an intense four-week training course that forced them to handle everything from an officer in distress to a suicide call.

Shelly Job, the KSP Public Safety Telecommunications Manager, tells us some posts are low on dispatchers.

Job says overall, KSP is down 50 dispatchers throughout the Commonwealth.

“This group of 30 is going to make a tremendous difference in our radio rooms across the state. There’s some posts that are down 10 telecommunications, and some of these posts are getting as many as four.”

Job has 26 years of experience. She says telecommunicators are like the backbone of KSP.

“We are the very first responder to any emergency, any 911 call, and it can be anything from a routine 911 call to a serious call,” said Job.

Makenzie Hughes, a member of class 22, changed careers, leaving the life of a phlebotomist and answering the call to be a telecommunicator.

“I still wanted to help my community even though I was burnt out medically. I still wanted to be able to help serve and do what I can. I have a servant’s heart, so I still want to be able to help people,” said Hughes.

Hughes will serve at post 15, Adair County, where she’s from.

She knows her new skills will be needed to help emergency personnel out in the field.

“We sit behind a computer. We do all the technical stuff for them so that they are able to focus on that person.”

This first, first responder is ready to make a difference.

“it makes me feel good. I’m glad that I can, you know, help the officer but also help the people.”

Shelly Job tells us about two weeks ago, she took a 911 call and helped a woman deliver a healthy baby boy.