‘I don’t feel safe’: Man files lawsuit against police after being arrested while filming officers

A man in Nevada has filed a lawsuit against Reno police after he says he was arrested for filming officers. (Source: KOLO)
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 7:32 PM EDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO/Gray News) - A Nevada man says he has filed a lawsuit against the Reno Police Department after he was unlawfully arrested.

Walter England told KOLO that police arrested him on Aug. 22 after he was filming them while officers were investigating a crime scene.

According to England, he came across the scene while he was walking in the downtown area that evening.

England approached two Reno police vehicles.

The first vehicle was occupied by Officer Gautier and the two exchanged greetings. England said he then went to the second car which had Officer Hoyt inside.

“Can I help you with something?” Hoyt asked, according to England.

Hoyt then reportedly asked England to step away from his vehicle and advised him that he was on a personal call.

According to England, the officer then told the person on the call that he would call them back before suddenly jumping out of the vehicle.

England said the officer told him that he was interfering with their investigation.

The man said he continued his recording and kept his phone between himself and Officer Hoyt.

England reportedly asked the officer how he was interfering when he was then arrested.

England is the founder of a YouTube channel called Sacramento Crimewatch and shared a video of the recorded incident.

He said he takes videos surveilling law enforcement personnel and other public servants.

“Abuse from the officers is always happening. So, we’re out recording to make sure that doesn’t happen,” England said.

Under Nevada law, the public has the right to film police officers as long as the person filming is on public property and not obstructing the investigation.

England said he has since filed a lawsuit against the department for being falsely arrested.

“I don’t feel safe at all,” England said.

Representatives from the Reno Police Department have not immediately commented.