Parents’ food truck helps son battle sickness

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Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 4:47 PM EDT
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CLINTWOOD, Va. (WYMT) - The “Got Donuts?” food truck can be found at many festivals across Eastern Kentucky and in bordering states.

Owners Peggy and Daris Anderson make many different versions of mini-donut baskets and lemonade.

“Every now and then I have these little thoughts in my mind, ‘what can I do different?’ And I would just think the things I make myself and the things that we eat,” said Peggy Anderson.

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The Andersons started their food truck 10 years ago with a reason beyond selling food at fun festivals.

Their son, also named Daris Anderson, came up with the idea after he was diagnosed with a kidney disease that would make it difficult to keep a steady job.

“He said, ‘I seen this little donut machine, and I think we can do okay with that,’” said Daris Anderson.

They have since used the money to help financially support their son, while providing food that people sometimes wait two hours in line for.

”It’s been a successful venture with a lot of hard work, but the good Lord above us blessed us immensely and all the good customers we have everywhere. Especially in Kentucky, they support us wherever we go in Kentucky,” said Daris Anderson.

Their son is not always able to join them. He has to go through dialysis treatment three times a week.

Customers will however offer prayers and hope through the tough times.

“Our customers always ask about him and we always tell Daris Allen, you know, so and so came up. Actually, we’ve had people come just recently to come and bring a prayer cloth,” said Peggy Anderson.

The Andersons say their son goes through a lot of pain in the treatment, but he is toughing it out while they pray for a kidney transplant.