First day of school marks a new beginning for Viper Elem.

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Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 3:59 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 28, 2023 at 11:24 PM EDT
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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Monday was the first day of school for Perry County Schools.

For Viper Elementary School, it was the first day for many as back in May, the Perry County School board voted to consolidate Leatherwood Elementary School into Viper.

Transition Coordinator Anita Shepherd said they get to come together as a new family.

“Our Leatherwood teachers and our Viper teachers, we’re one community now and we’re a family. So, we want our students to come and experience a fun, educational journey and it be something they’re looking forward to,” she said.

She said they began contacting parents and staff from Leatherwood, once the decision was made final.

“In my role as the transition coordinator, I’ve been in contact with several Leatherwood parents and we’ve had our back to school bash here at Viper. So, they were able to come in, view the schools, see the classrooms, meet the teachers. A lot of our teachers are teachers from Leatherwood. So, they already knew them,” she explained.

Principal Melissa Ritchie said with several students joining their sports teams or being related, some students already knew each other.

“In the last few years, several of the students from Leatherwood have joined our basketball team, our volleyball team, our soccer team. So, it’s not a brand new concept for many. And we live so close, I mean there’s a lot of us that are kin already,” she explained.

She said the transition can be a lot, but she is hopeful that it will work.

“It was a big thing whenever has to switch a school, but when an entire staff and students have to switch, I know that was going to be greater, but we’re going to make it the best that we possibly can,” Ritchie said.

Shepherd said this change will be good for the students.

“Already knowing a few people here, it made it easier and they’re excited. I feel as though, our Leatherwood students are excited to come here because they’re going to meet new children and have a bigger classroom with more kids to be involved with and learn with,” she said.

The Perry County school board purchased school supplies for students and gave them out at their back-to-school bash.