‘Everybody was checking on everybody’: Madison Co. community comes together in aftermath of storm damage

Richmond was hit particularly hard by damaging winds and hail.
Published: Jun. 26, 2023 at 10:19 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - We have been tracking the aftermath of Sunday night’s storms throughout central and eastern Kentucky.

Richmond was hit particularly hard by damaging winds and hail.

“It really sounded like a bunch of people were just beating on the windows with aluminum bats,” said Richmond resident Chris Clements.

Last night’s storm felt different for Clements.

“Usually, I’m pretty good with storms, but this one... this one kind of got to me,” said Clements. “It was just really violent very quickly.”

Madison County was hit hard Sunday night by high winds, rain and golf-ball-sized hail.

The back of the Madison Hills Christian Church in Richmond was ripped off, spreading debris throughout the property.

Many Richmond residents woke up to find their windows broken, including brian alderman, who also discovered his children’s swing set knocked over entirely.

“It had to be a really strong wind. It took four men to put that thing back up,” said Alderman.

Despite the storm just passing through, progress on fixing and rebuilding is seen in all of the boarded-up windows on the street. The progress is getting a little bit of help from friendly neighbors.

“Everyone kind of just comes together and does what they need to do. Everybody was checking on everybody. And just to make sure everybody was okay,” said Alderman.

A positive symptom of an unfortunate situation, Clements is grateful for his community’s ability to rally behind each other when it’s needed most.

“It was kind of good to, you know, have a sense of community around. Everybody was out, you know, trying to help everyone get their boards up and get contractors out here. So... so it’s good to know that, you know, everyone around here wants to help when stuff like this happens,” said Clements.

Emergency management asks you to give any damage reports you have at 859-624-4787.