‘Buckhorn is a family’: Buckhorn High School celebrates historic graduation

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Published: May. 26, 2023 at 5:34 PM EDT

BUCKHORN, Ky. (WYMT) - Buckhorn High School celebrated its graduation Friday night.

The historic graduation is the 120th in the school’s history and is also an important day for the students, who have had to endure a lot in their four years.

“They were here yesterday, going through their march in and march out and you could just tell the excitement on their face, they were so excited to be home, and this, just as much as the school, is home to them, this building, this log cathedral,” said Buckhorn School Assistant Principal Christie Stamper.

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Buckhorn students have been away from home, going to school at the old A.B. Combs Elementary after the floods destroyed their school late last summer.

“And they thought they were going to start a normal year, and unfortunately, the flood changed all of that. Put us in a new location, in a new building, A.B Combs Elementary, but we’re very fortunate and blessed to have all of those students finish the year in one locations, together,” said Stamper.

Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman wanted to be there to recognize the students in person.

“The flooding hit and devastated this region, and so showing up for them tonight was important because of all the grit and resilience they’ve shown, and I’m just excited to see where they go next,” said Coleman.

For many, graduation at the Log Cathedral in Buckhorn was a return to home.

“They are very excited to be home, Buckhorn is a home to them, this log cathedral is a home to them,” said Stamper.

“Buckhorn is not just a school, Buckhorn is a family. A family that took a scared freshman into their ranks immediately and made her feel welcome. Buckhorn is not just a place, buckhorn is a home,” said one graduating Buckhorn senior.

This was the 120th graduating class from Buckhorn. Graduations have been held at the Log Cathedral since it was built in 1928.