‘I feel so indebted to this city’: Jack Harlow shows appreciation at banner dedication

Louisville's newest Hometown Heroes banner honors multiple GRAMMY-nominated rapper, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jack Harlow.
Published: May. 3, 2023 at 3:02 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville’s own Jack Harlow made an appearance in Louisville for a dedication of his very own Hometown Heroes banner, showing his appreciation from the city where he came from.

The new banner rests on the west-facing wall of the A-OK Storage building at 1100 East Broadway, and was the first of six new honoree banners to be dedicated in 2023.

Harlow appeared with several other local leaders, including State Congressman Morgan McGarvey, Louisville mayor Craig Greenberg and Kentucky governor Andy Beshear.

“This really means the world to me,” Harlow said. “You know, I like grew up driving around and seeing these banners and taking them in. They were a point of inspiration for me... If someone asked me if I would rather have a Grammy or this I would choose this a million times.”

During the ceremony, Greenberg declared May 3 for the city of Louisville as “Jackman Day,” named in honor of Harlow’s newest album, “Jackman.”

“You’ve done so much for our community and I know you are just getting started,” Greenberg said. “This is just the beginning of Jack’s contribution to the entertainment industry and our city.”

Other city leaders talked up Harlow’s many accomplishments and what he has done for the city of Louisville when making it big.

“Jack Harlow is a sensation that I know we are all proud of,” Beshear said. “Just think about what he has accomplished. He is a Grammy-nominated and multi-award winning artist. He’s the only person that I met that ‘s hosted Saturday Night Live.”

“He makes sure that people know Louisville is cool,” McGarvey said. “Whether its JCPS, Atherton High School, whether its our hometown, my hood in the Highlands... Jack Harlow, he made Mid City Mall look cool.”

“I feel so indebted to this city,” Harlow said. “You know, it’s not strategic that I shout this place out so much, it’s because it’s part of my identity. I grew up watching rappers like Outkast, they would tell the story of Atlanta, or Kendrick Lamar talking about Los Angeles and so it almost became second nature to me by the time I was a preteen that that’s what you do when you’re an emcee.”

On Wednesday morning, Harlow officially announced the creation of the Jack Harlow Foundation, which was founded to reinvest and support in local organizations to make Louisville a better place. The first organizations set to receive donations from the foundation are Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Centro Latino, Russell and Sponsor4Success.

Harlow is set to make an appearance at Louisville’s Barnstable Brown Gala on Derby Eve, and will soon be starring in Hulu’s “White Men Can’t Jump” movie premiering on May 19.