Warming up as we watch a late week storm chance

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Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 11:56 AM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - After a chilly start this morning, we’ve seen plenty of sunshine today and there is more where that came from as we head into tomorrow! However, that will also set the stage for the potential for some late week thunderstorms as a strong system works in.

Tonight through Tomorrow Night

Another night with frost potential out there as we watch clear skies allowing temperatures to drop into the 30s. Best chance for some of that frost formation will be in the sheltered valley locations where we can cool off a bit faster.

Sunshine continues, especially early in the day on Thursday. With high pressure continuing to scoot out of the region, southwesterly winds will bring us milder air. Highs will make a run back above average in the middle 60s as we head into the afternoon. However, clouds will slowly increase as well as we watch a strong low pressure get its act together across the plains states. That becomes our big weathermaker as we close out the week. Lows stay milder in the middle 40s.

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Into the Weekend

As we head toward Friday, we will once again be in the warm sector of a strong storm system as highs make a run for 70°. It’ll be a breezy day as showers develop along the warm front and move into the region. Current timing keeps the bulk of the severe weather threat, which looks large well out to our west, out of the mountains until overnight and early on Saturday morning. Like many events we’ve seen this year, we have plenty of wind to steer storms...but not much fuel to get them to stay strong. It’s a trend we’ll watch, with the best threat of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or two out west of Interstate 75. Overnight lows stay near 60° as those gusty storms work through.

We’re mild again with an early high in the 70s on Saturday, holding steady in the middle 60s with clouds eventually giving way to some afternoon sunshine. However, just like this past weekend, we’re looking at a rather breezy set up with the strong low moving away from the region. For a few hours, we could see gusts make a run at 40-50 MPH throughout the region. We’ll watch that as well. We’re calmer on Sunday with highs near 60°. However, the pattern looks to turn active again as we head into the first half of next week.